• Select your destination and pedal!
  • Be guided by technology: Wi-Bike and your smartphone talk to each other.
  • Download the app, enable Bluetooth and set up the functions in just a few taps.
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  • Choose one of 3 power settings: City, Hill and Standard.
  • The variable motor assistance adapts to your travel needs.
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Personal Trainer

  • Challenge yourself! With Wi-Bike you have a personal trainer always available to help you reach your goals.
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  • Connect your smartphone to the Wi-Bike through the APP

  • Manage the functions in just a few taps

  • Be guided by technology

By connecting your Wi-Bike and smartphone, route data and statistics will be recorded for each trip. Create the set-up you want: select the level of motor assistance, choose one of the three power settings, set up the navigation tools and start pedalling towards your destination.

  • gps
  • maps
  • gsm
  • bluetooth


  • Put your trust in the satellite anti-theft system

  • Park your Wi-Bike with peace of mind

  • 24 hour monitoring

Take your Wi-Bike wherever you want, without worrying. The satellite anti-theft system allows you to monitor it at any time, on the move or when it's parked up. What's more, the display, battery and motor are connected by a unique code: just remove the display to stop the Wi-Bike from working and being activated without you knowing. Wi-Bike provides the best of technology combined with the greatest security, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • anti-theft
  • Always connected


  • Give yourself a tailor-made personal trainer

  • Set up a customized training programme

  • Challenge yourself and reach your goals

CWith Wi-Bike you'll have a real mobile personal trainer at your disposal. Decide how many calories you want to burn, the heart rate threshold or maximum effort you want to reach, and start your journey. Wi-Bike will do the rest. And if you prefer, you can set it up so that you arrive fresh and ready for your work meeting. With Wi-Bike nothing is impossible!


  • Choose from: City, Hill and Standard. Three riding modes - an extra gear

  • Adjust the motor power level

  • Put your trust in the innovative variable assistance

There are three assistance modes that you can choose depending on the route you will follow: City, Hill and Standard. Thanks to the innovation of a motor that adapts to your needs, Wi-Bike helps you restart effortlessly when you stop, and adjusts according to the gradient when you need it, helping you go uphill and reducing assistance going downhill. Get on your Wi-Bike: from now on, no goal will be out of reach.

Variable assistance


  • Admire the unique design and attention to detail

  • Enjoy the compact motor, 100% Piaggio-made

  • Travel in style

Innovation combines with style in the all-Italian Wi-Bike design. The central electric motor, and transmission and battery located behind the seat tube, are harmoniously incorporated into the 100% aluminium frame, favouring optimal mass distribution and providing perfect stability and handling. Wi-Bike is more than a pedal-assisted bike, it's a lifestyle.

  • Italian Design
  • 100% alluminium
  • accessories


  • Download the Wi-Bike app

  • Share your results on social media

  • Pedal and involve your friends

Sharing your results with friends makes them even more satisfying. Wi-Bike was created to be social. Using the dedicated app you can share routes and targets and let everyone know how much fun you're having with your Wi-Bike.

  • sharing
  • Results





The pedal-assisted bike is the responsible choice for a better world and Wi-Bike is an alternative and eco-friendly means of transport: the Piaggio electric motor assists you up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h and helps you move around the city to reach your destination, forgetting queues and off-limit zones. Take a look at the beauty around you!

  • ECO
  • ZERO